If you are a interested in video games at all, you must have heard about Fortnite. In just a few months, this multiplayer survival game has become one of the most popular in the world. Several factors are key to this unprecedented success. This game has established itself as a figure of free to play, and it is for this reason that we are trying mysterious new Fortnite cheats, which will apparently allow you to obtain an impressive quantity of free v-bucks.


UPDATE: If you have a twich prime account, you can get directly the new combat skin package. To link your Twitch account to your Fornite account, read this article !

New premium twitch pack

New premium twitch pack

Short presentation of Fortnite:

As explained above, Fortnite is a survival video game developed by Epic Game (U. S. video game studio). The game is available on all consoles (PS4, Xbox), but also on PC. Even if this game is already incredibly successful, its official release is scheduled for 2018. The available modes are therefore in advance access.

Two different game modes:

Two game modes are available in Fortnite: the “Save the World” mode, or the “BattleRoyale” mode. The save the world mode costs money for now, because it’s in early access. In this mode, you must therefore face hordes of zombie come to destroy the world, while building various structures and weapons. It is a mode of cooperation: i. e. you can play with other players, but with them and not against them. The card is entirely constructible, and destructible… The principle is similar to tower defense but with action phases at Call Of Duty. The price of early access is set at $29 for the moment.

The second game mode: Fortnite Battleroyale is by far the most popular game mode. You are parachuted on to an island with 100 opponents, with a single goal: to be the last survivor. This mode is similar to other games of the same genre, like PUB-G, but with some differences. This mode is therefore multiplayer and you will have to be strategic to survive in the face of an army of 100 soldiers ready to do anything to survive. This mode uses the same specifications as “save the world, i. e. a constructible map. You have the ability to stockpile resources, such as wood and stone to build buildings to storm your enemies or even protect yourself. During the game, a magnetic storm narrows on the map as the game progresses, forcing players to move closer together. You can’t stay in the storm, at the risk of losing your life, and therefore the game. There are different modes in Battle Royale, such as duet mode and section to play with friends. As the game is still in development, it receives frequent updates to improve the game and fix bugs, but we will return to the main updates below…

All these characteristics make Fortnite an excellent game that has won the hearts of many gamers. The construction mode is innovative and intuitive, making the survival game more fun. You can also customize the style of your characters with dresses, funny dances, replicas… All these items are available in the shop. To unlock them, you’ll need the game’s currency: the famous V-bucks. To get this valuable currency, you’ll need a lot of playing time! That why, people make you believe that you can use a tool that will “allow you to get these v-bucks for free” like a  Fortnite Battleroyale cheat online.


How we know that Fortnite Cheats is not working?

Many people wonder: how to cheat on fortnite? We’ll try to answer you, and the answer is very simple. As with many games, you need to get v-bucks in the shop to customize your soldier. But it’s not given to everyone. Indeed, v-bucks are quite expensive: you will have to spend about twenty dollars to get them. And that is the only option. If you prefer to avoid going broke for a simple video game here’s the solution: give up now! But don’t waste your time with  Fortnite cheats system to try to get free v-bucks .

Once on the generator page, I just  follow the instructions to get my valuable resources… This kind of Hack is always fake in any  game, but remember this: the items have no influence on the level and power of your character. These are purely decorative items. You may impress more than one person with your great looks, but that’s it!

After follow all this step, we waited for a good hour like fools, and guess what: absolutely nothing!


Regular updates: what has changed since its creation?

As explained above, Fortnite is still in early access and is not expected to be released until later in 2018. The official date has not yet been announced. Before its final release, Epic Game is in the process of correcting all bugs with regular updates, but also modifying and improving some aspects of the game. This makes the game very scalable, and allows the first players to make comments about the gameplay. This has also allowed several developers to develop stable Fortnite hack to satisfy all players and thus meet their v-bucks needs. Here is an exhaustive list of the main updates since the release of Fortnite.

Map update:

This is the biggest improvement in BattleRoyal mode. To make the environment more realistic and less boring, the designers have redesigned the map. Each part of the map has a different environment, which makes it unique. It therefore has its own vegetation, colours, etc. In addition, a new city has been added: Tilted Town. This city marks the first appearance of a building in the game. Numerous warehouses and transitional locations have also been added to enhance the gaming experience.



Change of Skins and other items:

Fortnite provides different items every day to make each player’s style unique. Your character is therefore infinitely customizable. The problem still lies in the search for v-bucks, but as we explained to you, it’s not really a problem anymore since the release of the v-bucks generator that allows you to get it for free.

New weapons appear regularly. We could see the arrival of the crossbow for example. It is the perfect silent weapon for stealth combat. With its long range, you can assail your enemies at a distance easily. The big advantage of this weapon is that it has unlimited ammunition! No more ammunition problems…



Soon a ranked mode?

In his last message, Epic Game expressed his willingness to set up a system of classified parts. In this way, each game would be more balanced because your opponents would be selected according to their level. Many players have expressed their satisfaction with this announcement, just wait for the release date!

Thank you for reading this post, we have tried to gather the most relevant information around this wonderful game. To summarize,  the “new cheat for Fortnite online” IS FAKE AS F***, you can’t get free v-bucks. The game is regularly updated, cheats are break down…and the innovative game play will keep you entertained for hours!



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