New update for Fortnite ! Version 3.4 is released… Indeed, as every week, Epic Game improves its latest favorite: Fortnite Battle Royale. The Epic Game developers have also announced that content updates will appear every 2 weeks, enough to make the lovers of this magnificent game crazy with joy.

What’s new :

Vending Machine: This is a great step for this game. Indeed, the only way to obtain weapons was to find them on the ground, in chests or in houses. Now you can recycle your excess resources for weapons. These dispensers are scattered all over the map, in the same way as the boxes. Each dispenser offers 3 different random weapons. So you can find legendary weapons in a vending machine! Please note that there is no purchase limit per distributor.

New game mode: It’s the big return of the explosive mode! This game mode was already out a few weeks ago. It is making its comeback with new weapons, such as the C4 and guided missiles.

Weapon accuracy and distance: Epic Game has balanced remote weapons: the accuracy of a weapon increases to 100% if you have not used it for a long time. In addition, damage was reduced with distance to balanced. This means you risk doing less damage to opponents away from you.

Once again, EpicGame tries to satisfy players and improve the gaming experience for everyone! As a reminder, this game is currently one of the most played game in the world! The number of players has exceeded that of GTA online. And remember, if you have a doubt about a cheat for Fortnite, check out our Fortnite Cheats section!

See you soon !


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