At the beginning badly seen in the royal battle mode, Fortnite is today one of the most played games in the world, ahead of its competitor and pioneer in the PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) genre. But what are the keys to this dazzling success?


It’s free!

Indeed, Fortnite is completely free. It’s called a “free to play” game. To be able to play the PUBG game, you will have to pay $29, which is correct but can slow down young people to download the game.

Fortnite is available on all consoles

One of Fortnite’s strong points is that it is available for free on all platforms (PC, PS4, XBOX, and now mobile). Whatever your style, you can play fortnite. In addition, the matchmaking system is common to all platforms. So you can soon fall against PC players, as against mobile players. For compraison, PUBG is only available on PC and XBOX, which removes a big part of the gamer community, which day on PS4.


Regular and relevant updates

Every Thursday, epic game returns and tries to seduce the community a little more with new updates. Thus, the game is constantly improving, and it avoids getting bored. The players feel that they are well looked after. With this update system, it’s a little Christmas every Thursday on Fortnite! For example, the last update brought with it the arrival of scattered weapons distributors all over the map! New weapons are also regularly added, as well as new game modes. It’s a smart way to keep players interested and impatient. And when servers crash, Epic Game even offers free v-bucks to its fans ! Bravo Epic Game.

Basically, Fortnite is simply a game very accessible to all. These simple cartoon-like graphics make the game attractive. It’s less scary for the new players. The unique craft mode is also part of the key to success.

Fortnite has established itself as an essential game, as shown by its popularity at the gamers assembly in Poitiers (France). Teams from all over France had come to compete, attracting over 20,000 spectators and video game fans.

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